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My Goal will be to look at your most recent credit card processing statement. NOT JUST THE % - We look at the % , the transaction fee, batch fee, statement fee and all the little fee's you think are legit and get rid of them. We will come up with an overall 100% off your bill. At that point, provide you with a side x side showing you what you are paying and what you could be paying. If you like what you see, we will do business but at the very least you will know if your current provider is telling you the truth. Either Way Win Win for You The Business Owner!

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Are You Paying Way To Much In Credit Card Processing Fee's? For The Hard Work You Are Doing At Your Place of Business?

Typical Broker and Bank Charge You: Statement Fee, Batch Fee, Monthly Customer Service Fee, Regulatory Product Fee and So Many Other Fee's That are All Junk. 

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So it is very easy For Mike Luchen to reduce your bill by up to 100% and still make a profit.
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